I filmed my first wedding for a family friend when I was in 13 years old. What started as a favor evolved into a small business that followed me from high school to college and now into my adult life.

Today I collaborate with young and talented filmmakers at Bring Works Weddings to produce story-driven wedding videos. Our passion is filmmaking and storytelling, and Bring Works Weddings allows us to put our passions to use creating priceless keepsakes for couples and families.

I deliberately staff Bring Works Weddings with shooters and editors that are in their 20’s - usually guys and gals who are still in film school. This gives our videos a style that is consistently fresh and creative. We do this because the most common style request I hear from brides is “I don’t like cheesy wedding videos” - and we don’t either.

Our team is based out the Austin, Texas area but we’ll gladly travel anywhere. We look forward to learning more about what you’re looking for in a wedding video, and getting to know your story.
— Luke Lashley